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Apply For Scholarships In North America (2022-2023) Fully-Funded


Apply For Scholarships In North America (2022-2023) Fully-Funded

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Apply For Scholarships In North America (2022-2023) Fully-Funded


2022/2023 Application is currently ongoing for Scholarships In North America  (Fully Funded)



North America is home to some of the world’s best institutions, including Harvard, UCB, Columbia, Stanford, and MIT, to mention a few. International students with a primary language other than English must demonstrate English Language Proficiency through IELTS, TOEFL, and other tests. While on a study visa, students are permitted to work part-time for no more than 20 hours per week.


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There is no limitation on the number of hours worked during holidays or semester breaks. The living expenses are somewhere between 10 to 12 grand, which, largely depends upon where in North America do you choose to live. The living expenses are way more in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, etc.

Full List of North American Scholarships in 2022

Financing your way through your graduation with a scholarship lets you study with minimum expense. Following are some of the scholarships that you should look into if you are studying or planning to study in North America.


  • Boston University Presidential Scholarships:

The presidential awards at Boston University are reserved for exceptionally talented international students. These students should have impressive academic and non-academic records. The worth of the award is 25,000 USD and can be renewed for up to three years. Students applying must be non-Americans and should not even be holding a permanent resident status. Students from all subject areas can apply.

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Apply For Scholarships In North America (2022-2023) Fully-Funded


  • Clark University Scholarships:

Worth up to 25,000 USD (with the smallest award being 15,000 USD), the Global scholarship program by Clark University is open for international students. Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at the university and can get the grant for up to four years given that they fulfil the criteria set for the renewal of the scholarship. Some students can get an additional 5,000 USD grant as well if they are unable to pay their tuition fee even after getting the scholarship.


  • The American Association of University Women Scholarships:

These scholarships by the AAUW are only for those women who are neither American citizens nor are holding permanent residency status in the USA. Offered at a number of universities in the USA, this award can be taken at the graduate level. The scholarship at the master’s level is worth up to 18,000 USD. At the Ph.D. and post-doctoral levels, the worth of the grant is 20,000 USD and 30,000 USD respectively.

The aim of the scholarship is to support those women who have the passion to give back to their underprivileged fellow women.

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  • Illinois Wesleyan University Grants:

Illinois Wesleyan University’s scholarships are both need and merit-based. Applicants must be international students entering into an undergraduate program at the university.

For those students who do not manage to get a scholarship, the university has many assistantship programs and loan programs in place. The assistantship programs help students earn some money while studying to offset their expenses to some extent. The merit-based scholarships are valued at 30,000 USD (at most).

Apply For Scholarships In North America (2022-2023) Fully-Funded

There is a presidential award offered as well which waives the full tuition fee of the recipients. It is renewable for up to four years.


  • American University Scholarships:

Worth 6,000 USD to 25,000 USD, these scholarships at the American University are for foreign students. Given solely on the basis of merit these scholarships are given only to a handful of students. The scholarship is also renewable.


  • Fulbright Scholarship Program:

The infamous Fulbright scholarship lets international students do a master’s or a PhD in the USA. The applicants must have above average under and post-graduate records in order to be able to get the scholarship. It is a fully-funded scholarship and offers tuition fee waivers, accommodation support, health insurance, textbooks’ coverage, one-time airfare (two way), and many other benefits.


  • Emory University Scholarships:

The scholar’s program at Emory University is open for both local and international students. The scholarship jury only takes into account the applicants’ academic record or merit. Available at the undergraduate level, this scholarship is partially funded.

Another award with the name Robert W. Woodruff award gives a full tuition fee waiver, on-campus accommodation, and administrative fee support.

George W. Jenkins scholarship offers full tuition support, administrative fee coverage, free accommodation, and a monthly stipend to its recipients.

The Woodruff’s Dean’s Achievement award is worth 10,000 USD.





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