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Apply | Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23) Fully Funded

Apply | Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23) Fully Funded


Apply | Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23) Fully Funded

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Apply | Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23) Fully Funded


2022/23 Application is currently ongoing for Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (Undergraduates and Postgraduates) Fully funded 

Scholarships are given to students who directly apply to QU. The shortlisted candidates are eligible for the benefits of scholarship opportunities given by QU in the fall and spring semesters. However, candidates are not permitted to transfer their scholarship to the next academic year. Qatar University offers two kinds of scholarships, i.e. internal and external.


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These types of scholarships are provided via the Qatar university to local candidates in sponsorship with third-party organizations.

Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23) Fully Funded


Sponsor(s): Qatar Governament

Scholarship Type: Full Scholarship

Host Institution(s): Qatar University

Worth: Fully Funded

Number of Awards: Several

Study Level: Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Nationality: All students


Internal Scholarships || Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23)


SCHOLARSHIP  BENEFITS || (QU) Scholarships (2022-23)

Internal scholarships exclude tuition and book fees or fixed funding awards.




  • Freshly enrolled students need to receive the final confirmation for acceptance. It must be noted that it cannot be a provisional acceptance.
  • The candidate must have outstanding grades through high school.
  • Existing candidates need to complete a foundation semester to be qualified for this scholarship.
  • The awarded scholarship is eligible to be used during the semester one has applied to, or else the award is permitted to be canceled for that academic year’s semester. The candidate will be notified via email if that is the case.
  • There are no required documents, however, candidates are advised to check their program application requirements.


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Candidates have to consistently maintain the terms and conditions to sustain the given award.

External Scholarships || Qatar University (QU) Scholarships (2022-23)


This type of scholarship opportunity is given to foreign candidates interested in Qatar University. Such candidates must apply directly to the university as well.


SCHOLARSHIP BENEFITS || (QU) Scholarships (2022-23)


Candidates awarded the external scholarship will be fully sponsored by the university and will be allowed the following benefits:

  • Fully paid tuition fees
  • Living expenses
  • Yearly air transport expenses
  • Books and other expenses are paid for


ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA (EXTERNAL) || (QU) Scholarships (2022-23)


  • Freshly enrolled candidates are required to have the final acceptance
  • Scholarship awarded has to be used in the same academic year and the semester applied to


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APPLICATION PROCEDURE || (QU) Scholarships (2022-23)




(Internal Scholarship) for candidates applying from the State of Qatar


Freshly enrolled candidates will be provided with the link of applying via email. This will only be done once the university’s acceptance decision is final.


(External Scholarship) for fresh foreign candidates 

Fresh candidates applying from other countries are eligible to send in applications for this scholarship once they have applied through Qatar University’s online portal. Candidates must use that link in the given specified dates.


Qatar University Admissions Acceptance Rate is 46%


Qatar University’s rate of acceptance is approximately 46%. However, this university does not provide degree program-based data. This is due to the university having different eligibilities and specifications for each program offered.


APPLICATION DEADLINE ||  February 6, 2022


Applicants of the Qatar University Scholarships can submit their online applications before February 06, 2022, for admissions.

CLICK HERE TO APPLY ||| QU) Scholarships (2022-23)


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